Linda et Yao cuisinent


Buriram is a tale of friendship forged through a shared love for Thai-Khmer cuisine. The co-founders Nongyao Truadmakkha and Linda Cheng , hail from Buriram, Thailand, and Battambang, Cambodia, respectively. These two vibrant cities share an identical culinary culture, thanks to their geographic proximity and common ethnic roots. Together, Nongyao and Linda aspire to bring the richness of Thai-Khmer flavors that have left an indelible imprint on their childhood memories to the world.



'Each day, in addition to working in the field, my mom prepared meals for our family using ingredients grown around our rice farm. Dinner was an important family ritual; the happiest memories of my childhood are made of the complex, yet delicate flavors of my mom's home cooked meals. I want to use the skills my mom passed on to me to share those wonderful moments with the world.''
- Nongyao Truadmakkha, Co-founder of Buriram


Rice field