Our products

Type of confection

Our products are handcrafted. Their taste and texture may vary depending on the availability of fresh ingredients and their origins.

*Products available for ''pre-order'' are not available at all times. They are produced and delivered when there are sufficient orders. You will receive an email or text message notification, depending on the option selected, when the order is processed and shipped. The deadlines vary between two and three weeks.

Shelf life and storage

Our bottled products have a pH and water activity level that allows for shelf storage at room temperature for 90 days or more, but we recommend consuming them within this timeframe. Once opened, these products should be refrigerated to preserve their fresh taste for as long as possible. Our "ready-to-serve" products are sold vacuum-packed frozen and should be refrigerated upon receipt and eaten within 5 days. It's not recommended to refreeze them, even if they still appear frozen.

Notice: Please note that once the product has been delivered, Buriram is no longer responsible for the quality of the product since we cannot control the method of preservation.

Where do the ingredients come from?

At Buriram, we are committed to a circular economy approach and are actively searching for local suppliers and packaging and distribution processes that prioritize the health of our customers and the planet. While our ingredients currently come mainly from abroad, we are continuously striving to improve and find sustainable solutions. We welcome your ideas and suggestions, so please don't hesitate to contact us at burirammtl@gmail.com.

Do they contain allergens?

We take allergens very seriously, and it's important to note that our products contain or may contain certain allergens. We strongly recommend that you carefully read the ingredient labels and notices provided on our packaging to avoid any potential allergic reactions.

Do they contain additives?

We prioritize using natural ingredients and do not add any MSG-type additives, preservatives, or enhancers to our products. While certain ingredients used in the preparation of our recipes may contain a small amount of additives, we take great care in selecting ingredients that contain the least amount possible and opt for alternatives whenever possible. We believe in offering products that are not only delicious but also healthy and natural.

Can we find your products in store?

We are continuously expanding our distribution network and taking steps to make our products more widely available. Our products can currently be found in select stores, and you can easily locate them using the Store Locator section on our website. We encourage you to share your love for our products with your local grocer and invite them to contact us at burirammtl@gmail.com to learn more about our products and become a part of our distribution network. Together, we can make our delicious Thai-Khmer cuisine more accessible to everyone.