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Assortment of all Buriram products consisting of a curry paste, a Tom Yum paste and our three spicy pastes (lemongrass and tamarind, cashew nuts and dried shrimp).

Red curry paste and Tom Yum paste: our two cooking pastes will allow you to cook classics of Thai and Khmer cuisine such as curries, Tom Yum, Tom Kha, Tom Sam soups and several other rice recipes and flavored stir-fries.

The spicy pasta is ready to be tasted directly on your grills, your pasta, dumplings or even your eggs in the morning. You can also cook them, make sauces, marinades or dips. They will also allow you to enhance all your dishes with the flavors and flavors typical of Southeast Asian cuisines. Ready

Spicy scale

Between 3-5 out of 10 / High according to the simplified Scoville scale

Nutritional value

Coming soon.

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Try our ready-to-cook paste with your favorite veggies or what's left in the fridge.